6 On 6 Battle

The bgirl/bboy battle was a space that had a multitude of functions, one of them being a safe space to settle grudges between groups. This video battle is no different. At stake is the claim of dance as a medium itself and the usage of it. I am sure the footage will raise emotions. I have never seen videos on Youtube, where the footage was pillaged from, that incited more angry and elated comments.

So while Television shows like America's Best Dance Crew project a view of dancing as an ideal past time and mode for self-expression, the word on the street is that it is still complicated, political, spiritual, and racial. Dancing is clearly is an enjoyable activity, but it is not one that is innocent.

So I see this video battle as a space for these deep rooted issues to play themselves out, and I can observe as an awed audience. There many more issues in dancing than what is represented here in the battle. This really is just one of the fronts.

Like in a real battle, it is up to the onlookers to decide victory.